4 Powerful Strategies For Increasing Content Visibility

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What’s the most challenging part of content marketing?

It isn’t writing an article, editing a video, creating a podcast, or creating an infographic.

The most challenging part of content marketing is getting people to see and care about your content.

Spending hours (or even days) writing a kick-ass blog post means nothing if people don’t see it.

It’s quite frustrating, to be honest.

Content creation ain’t a walk in the park!

You’re probably so exhausted at the end of it all that you don’t even want to think about doing anything more than sharing the post as it is on your social media channels.

Just click that share button and all your content promotion problems are solved, right?

The only way to effectively relieve your frustration is to begin your content marketing strategy with a clear content repurposing and distribution plan.

It’s going to require a bit more work on your part.

But, the result will be more eyes on your content and, therefore, more opportunities for you to reach your content goals.

Ross Simmonds, founder of Foundation Inc., shared some thought-provoking insights about content repurposing and distribution in this interview.

I like to call this frustration-relieving process the 10-30–60 rule where you spend…

10% of your time coming up with content ideas

30% of your time creating the content

60% of your time on content visibility strategies such as repurposing and distribution

Here are four strategies you can use to increase content visibility.

Think of at Least 5 Ways to Repurpose Each Piece You Create

Content repurposing is the process of transforming your content into other formats. Let’s say you started with a blog post. You could repurpose that blog post into:

  • An Instagram quote image
  • An infographic that summarises the main points
  • A Youtube video
  • A Clubhouse event where you discuss the topic with respected thought leaders
  • A Twitter thread where the main points are highlighted

Let’s say you chose to extend that blog post into a blog series based on the topic. That blog series could be repurposed into a nonfiction book and used either as a lead magnet or as a way to earn passive income.

That nonfiction book could position your brand as a thought-leader and provide you with more opportunities. The trick is to promote that book the right way so that it’s seen by the right people.

Regardless of the list you create, your aim should be to find as many ways to repurpose your content as possible. It’s not just about creating the list. You actually need to put in the work to create these repurposed pieces.

But, it doesn’t end there…

Identify the Best Distribution Channels

Where’s the best place to publish this repurposed content? You’re probably focusing a lot on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. But, there are other places online where you can distribute content.

Have you considered…

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Your email subscriber list
  • Pinterest

It’s often said that our focus should only be on building communities on one or two social media platforms. You want to be where your audience is and that’s 100% accurate.

But, there may be untapped opportunities online. For instance, software programmers could be your target audience. Your competitors may be focusing on LinkedIn when there’s a wealth of opportunity to reach your audience on StackOverflow, one of the leading social media platforms for programmers.

This doesn’t mean you should neglect LinkedIn altogether. Far from it! You’ll just add StackOverflow as a platform to distribute your repurposed content.

So, I recommend paying attention to social media networks where your audience frequents and also where you can get the best distribution for your repurposed content. Also, don’t limit your distribution to one post on each platform. Post multiple times using multiple variations.

Let’s say you repurposed your blog post as a Youtube video. That video is its own content repurposing tool. You could create multiple video snippets and post them multiple times on your various platforms with different captions. So, you’d have those video snippets and the other repurposed content ready for posting.

Encourage Your Followers to Become Brand Advocates

You could encourage your followers to become brand advocates in two ways:

  • Create a referral program
  • Build relationships with your most loyal followers

A referral program allows you to reward people in exchange for sharing your content. Jay Clouse does this well with his email newsletter. Subscribers can get a discount on a selected group of his courses if they refer a certain number of people to his newsletter and podcast.

If you have a fairly large audience, a referral program may be worth a try. You may not be at that place yet though. So, another strategy you could try is building relationships with your most loyal followers.

One way to identify your most loyal followers is to identify who comments the most on your posts. People who actively comment on your posts are demonstrating their loyalty to your brand. You’ve already built the know, like, and trust factors with them.

Respond to their comments. Connect with them. Have meaningful conversations with them in your DMs. Look for ways to create partnerships with them (if possible) and encourage them to share your content with their network.

Sure, most people who love your content will share it without being prompted. But, some people need that reminder so it wouldn’t hurt to mention it.

Build Relationships With Other Marketers/Bloggers/Content Creators

You always want to create really great content people will want to share. But, it takes a while for people to discover your content and then include links to it in their own content.

Backlinks are important for increasing your content’s visibility. They’re very hard to get though. One of the ways you can get them faster is by establishing relationships with other marketers, bloggers, or content creators whose content you appreciate.

Those relationships can result in a mutual exchange of backlinks. It’s all about finding that common ground where you can both benefit from link-building. Always remember that because you don’t want to be seen as someone who always wants to get something from others, but never wants to give in return.

Final Words

Increased content visibility only comes through promoting your content in meaningful ways. It’s much more than hitting the share button to push the content on your social media channels in its published state.

Instead, you should repurpose the content in multiple formats and distribute that repurposed content on the right channels. You can learn much more about content distribution and repurposing by watching this interview.

Relationship-building also forms an important part of increasing the visibility of your content. You should build relationships with your loyal followers and with other professionals in the content marketing space. Both groups of people will share your content with their networks, thus further improving your reach.

I’m a blog content strategist who can help you get the most value from your blog articles. My approach focuses on using customer and keyword research to create a topic cluster that comprehensively covers a topic.

I write the articles in the topic cluster and help you come up with a promotion strategy for increased visibility. Schedule a free 30-minute call with me and let’s discuss how I can help you get results from your blog.



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